Question: What is home education?
Answer: Alberta School Act Section 23(1) - a parent of a student may provide at home or elsewhere, a home education program for the student if the program:
a) meets the requirements of the regulations, and
b) is under the supervision of a board.

Question: How do I enroll my children in a home education program?
Answer: Parents shall notify the Board in the prescribed form of their intent to home educate. Contact the Principal of Home Education for information and direction.
Question: Can the Board of Trustees for the Fort Vermilion School Division refuse to allow me to home educate my child(ren)?
Answer: The Board of Trustees for the Fort Vermilion School Division does not have the right to refuse to allow a parent to home education a child if:
a) the notification requirements of the Alberta Regulations 145/2006 for Home Education Programs have been met, and
b) The Home Education Program as described by the Parent/ Guardian indicates the intent to comply with the requirements of the Alberta Regulations 145/2006 for Home Education Programs. (c) The student is a resident of the Board.
Question: Can the Board of Trustees for the Fort Vermilion School Division terminate a home education program that it supervises?
Answer: The Board of Trustees for the Fort Vermilion School Division if after complying with of the Alberta Regulations 145/2006 for Home Education Programs, and after giving due consideration to the abilities of the student, may in writing terminate the program if it is found that:
a) the student fails to meet an acceptable level of achievement, or
b) the home education program does not continue to meet the requirements of the Alberta Regulations 145/2006 for Home Education Programs, or
(c) The parent does not comply with the Alberta Regulations
145/2006 for Home Education. The Board of Trustees may then direct the student to a school operated by the Board.
Question: What programs are available for home education?
Answer: There is a wide range of programs available depending on the specific needs/wants.
The programs that education administrators are most familiar with are: Alberta Distance Learning Programs; and, Alberta Education Program of Studies courses. There are numerous other programs like A.C.E., Hewitt-Moore, Waterford Curriculum, Saxon A Beka that are being used. Contact the Principal of Home Education for specific details.
Question: Will the Fort Vermilion School Division pay for materials used?

Answer: Fort Vermilion School Division will provide some financial support for home education according to policy.
(a) Alberta Distance Learning Courses: The cost of the courses will be paid for by the Board. However, other expenses like postage, and instructional materials or supplies rental fees, may be the responsibility of the parent/ guardian.
(b) Program of Studies for Alberta Education Courses and Resources. The Board will provide the Program
of Studies and textbooks but would charge a rental or purchase fee.
(c) Other Programs and Resources: Financial assistance up to a specified amount that is established by the Board of Trustees will be provided.
Question: Who can I call for information or help?
Answer: You may call the Principal of the Northern Home Education Centre at 780 928 0212 (w) or 780 841 2931 ( c) or e-mail: deanw@fvsd.ab.ca
Question: What is supervision?
Answer: Supervision of the Northern Home Education Program is carried out by the Principal who is responsible to the Superintendent of Schools. The Principal is a person who holds a teaching certificate. The Principal can assist and advise you as well as gather information for the Board of Trustees.
The Principal is responsible to ensure that the student is making satisfactory progress and to make suggestions or recommendations if reasonable progress is not made.
Question: How often will the Principal come to my home?
Answer: The Principal will prearrange a meeting with you at your home or Northern Home Education Centre office. A minimum of three visits per year should be expected, however, more may take place if requested or required.
Question: Do I require a minimum standard of education in order to home educate?
Answer: The purpose of board supervision is to monitor and assess student achievement and progress. It is the home educator’s responsibility, however, to ensure that the student learning outcomes prescribed in the schedule are met through the home education program they offer.
Question: Will my child’s progress and achievement be assessed?
Answer: It is a responsibility of a supervising Board to provide for and maintain
records of the assessment of the student’s achievement.
Question: Is testing the only means of assessment that should be used?
Answer: Parent assessment of student achievement must be on-going through a variety of means such as:
diagnostic tests if required or ability tests if required.

Question: Do I have to do any assessment?

Answer: Since assessment is ongoing it will be necessary for a home educator to establish an effective evaluation and reporting system. The Principal will arrange to have the student take standardized achievement and/or ability tests where necessary to confirm student progress and achievement.

Question: How can I find out what level of achievement my child is at?

Answer: Parents can request that their child be given a Diagnostic Test.

The Principal of Northern Home Education Centre would make appropriate arrangements for this testing. Parents may also have their children write the Provincial Achievement Tests in Grades 3, 6, and 9 in late May and late June. This test will indicate how well a child is doing in terms of acceptable provincial standards.

Question: Would my child be able to enter university after completing Home Education?

Answer: "A student in a home education program following a course of
Studies prescribed or approved by the Minster under Section 25(1)(a) (b) or (d) of the School Act is eligible to receive high school credits if the student achieves the standards required by the Minister."

A student following a course of studies that is not prescribed or approved by the Minister under the above sections of the School Act may write the final diploma exams but will only receive an exam mark. Credits or High School diploma would not be issued unless the challenge process that may be initiated by a student in a senior high school is successful.